Be a Participant

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Applications will be due in the fall. If you are applying for a collaborative site, they will be due before the general participant dealine.
 Need motivation to apply? Check out the testimonials from former participants below:

As a freshman in such a large university, it was hard for me to adjust. However meeting such great people on my ASB trip is truly encouraging. Coming back from the trip, I feel as if I have thirteen new best friends. It was one of the best vacations I ever went on I never laughed so much before in my life, it was hard for me to come back. I am confident to say that ASB changed my life.
– Sarah, Cranks Creek Survival Center

“I hope that I and you will take what we saw and experienced this week and share the stories, revelations, hope, and anger with our friends and families; just sharing this experience is one of the most important ways I can keep this experience with me and perhaps indirectly educate my friends about the issues we work with this week. I will return to Ann Arbor today with a renewed commitment to social justice, and a renewed hope that there are caring people who will affect change.
– ASB Participant, Simon House

“Right now, the best way to put this experience into perspective for me is to know that service can be done anywhere. There are issues and problems in our own backyard. You don’t have to drive 20 hours to do service.”
– Meghan , ASB participant