Rural Poverty

Appalachian South Folklife Center 

The Appalachian South Folklife Center is a progressive, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to a mountain heritage of freedom and self-reliance.  It is a peaceful place where all people regardless of race, faith, or origin can come together for community service and creativity.  Programs at the center include a “Learning Day Campus for children ages 6-12, which offers enriching educational opportunities mixed together with creativity building exercises and fun.  Among participating in such programs, volunteer groups can help us provide much needed home repairs to those in need as well as environmental endeavors.

Cranks Creek 

Cranks Creek Survival Center started in 1983 to help the local community recover from flooding caused by irresponsible coal mining. Since then this grass-roots organization has helped to maintain an emergency supply storage and serves to improve and provide housing and other services to lower income families.