Archived Participant Sites

Bronx International High School (NY, NY)

Opened in 2001, Bronx International serves students entering with a wide range of educational experience, many with little or no knowledge of English.  Unlike other programs, where kids have some classes in English as a Second Language but are left to sink or swim in other courses, International focuses on language development in every class.  9th and 10th graders are grouped together in classes to accommodate language differences and are encouraged to learn cooperatively.  Students who cannot understand English are paired with more advanced peers who speak their language and can help their classmates navigate the material and follow the class.

Care Assurance System for the Aging & Homebound (C.A.S.A.) (Huntsville, AL)

CASA is a non-profit agency located in Huntsville, Alabama that provides services to individuals age 60 and older and to the homebound (wheelchair and bed bound) of all ages. Their programs are designed to enable the elderly and homebound to maintain their independence, dignity, health and safety by providing services that specifically address their special physical and emotional needs.

Community Servings (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Community Servings is a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. We give our clients, their dependent families, and caregivers appealing, nutritious meals, and send the message to those in greatest need that someone cares. Our goals are to help our clients maintain their health and dignity and preserve the integrity of their families through free, culturally appropriate, home-delivered meals, nutrition education, and other community programs.

Cumberland Trails (Crossville, TN)

As a non-profit Associate Organization organized under Tennessee Trails Association (TTA), the Cumberland Trail Conference (CTC) seeks to encourage the development of the Cumberland Trail to meet the recreational needs of park visitors and area residents. TTA/CTC assists in protecting, preserving and promoting the Cumberland Trail, and assists with organizing volunteers and supporters to help build, maintain, and provide activities on the Cumberland Trail. This includes trail maintenance and building outings, trail-building training sessions, providing environmental and cultural education, and organizing periodic hikes on the CT.

Foundation for Children With Cancer (St. Louis, MO)

The Foundation for Children with Cancer is a non-profit organization, created in 1998, that focuses on providing support for children throughout their cancer treatment. The goal of the Foundation for Children is to have these children feel and experience the amount of normality in their everyday life that they deserve. The Foundation for Children mission is to also financially assist the families of children with cancer.

Hope House (Memphis, TN)  
Hope House’s mission is to improve the quality of life of HIV-impacted children and their families by addressing their educational, social, psychological and health needs. Through therapeutic day care, respite care and 24-hour emergency care in a safe, loving environment  Hope House seeks to better the lives’ of children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Their organization provides supportive social services to children and their families in order to enhance the quality of their lives. They also collaborate with other community resources to insure the children’s and their families’ needs are met.  And, lastly, Hope House seeks to educate the Memphis community about HIV/AIDS to prevent the disease from spreading and to eliminate the stigmatization facing Hope House children and their families.

Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary (Hubert, NC)

PAWS is a nonprofit Wildlife Sanctuary specializing in rehabilitation care and treatment of small mammals, songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, shorebirds, and reptiles. They provide care for baby animals and eventual release back into the wild, educational programs and presentations to schools, youth and civic groups, and libraries, relating to native local wildlife, ecology, environment, natural resources, and backyard habitat creation. In addition, they are a learning center to provide experience in hands-on rehabilitation skills and a permanent home to non-releasable animals. 

Project Lazarus (New Orleans, LA) 
Project Lazarus was founded out of compassion and service to all people. Project Lazarus provides services to people with AIDS who can no longer live independently, or whose family can no longer take care of them. The primary purpose of Project Lazarus is to provide continuity of care in a homelike environment. The highest goal of Project Lazarus is to enhance the quality of life of those it serves. Project Lazarus does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, or handicap.
International Empowerment Center of Nashville (Nashville, TN)
NICE aims to empower refugees in Nashville through educational opportunities and direct social services. Their goals involve empowering refugees and immigrants, providing vibrant leadership, building strong community relationships, providing sustainable service programs, creating a respectful resource center, and developing robust networking partnerships in Middle Tennessee and across the country.

La Union del Pueblo Entero, LUPE (San Juan, TX)

La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) is the organization founded by workers’ rights activist Cesar Chavez that addresses issues facing farm workers across the country, including poor working conditions and low wages.  Volunteers will work on organic cooperative fields, distribute information on workers’ rights at the border, and visit colonials to talk to farm workers.

The Nature Conservancy (Southern Pines, NC)

The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.  Funds are helping to: improve water quality, strengthen agriculture, expand tourism, maintain North Carolina’s natural beauty, prevent incompatible development around our military bases, buy land and build facilitates for local and state parks, and preserve habitats for native wildlife and plants.

Misericordia (Chicago, IL)

The mission of Misericordia/Heart of Mercy is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in maximizing their level of independence and self-determination within an environment that fosters spirituality, dignity, respect, and enhancement of quality of life.  They promote development of natural family and community supports, community awareness, education and advocacy.

Youth Co-Op, Inc. (Miami, FL)
Youth Co-Op, Inc–YCI– offers refugee services in South Florida that provide an array of programs to assist refugees, asylees and public interest parolees in achieving self-sufficiency to ease the transition in their new country. YCI has offered refugee employment services since 1982 and is the largest refugee employment provider in Florida. In 1997, YCI joined the network of U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants to provide Reception and Placement and Matching Grant Programs services mainly to the refugees fleeing the revolution in Cuba. But we have also assisted individuals from Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, Colombia, Haiti, El Salvador, Venezuela and smaller numbers of individuals from other countries.