Participant Scholarships

ASB’s Finance and Fundraising team would like to let you know that full, half, and quarter scholarships are now available for students. Applications are available through MJoin. If you are applying for a scholarship, do not pay your participant fee until you hear back from ASB Lead Team. Again, if you are planning on applying for ascholarship, DO NOT pay your participant fee until you receive a decision from ASB Lead Team.
Scholarship applications are due November 22. 
Application for need based scholarships are available here:
Please keep in mind, when applying, that we have limited funding. On that note, you can apply for a certain level of scholarship and be awarded a different amount. The total number of full, half, and quarter scholarships awarded will depend on the quantity of applications received and the amount of funding allocated for scholarships.
For students not applying for a scholarship, the $200 non-refundable participant fee is due December 6.
Participant fee payments can be made here:
If you have any specific questions regarding ASB finances, please contact the ASB Finance and Fundraising team at