University of Michigan Alternative Spring Break Lead Team Application Open!

The University of Michigan Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is seeking applicants for various Lead Team positions next year. ASB is a student-run organization sponsored by the Ginsberg Center.  ASB’s leadership team provides support to the 300-member student organization though coordination and program management.  Each position requires a 10-15 hour time commitment per week. The positions available are as follows:

  • Education and Training
  • Finance and Fundraising
  • Site Development
  • Public Relations

Descriptions are below.


Education and Training

The education and training team coordinates and facilitates education and training opportunities for site leaders and organizes larger educational events for ASB participants, sometimes in partnership with other student organizations or university departments.

Education and training are 2 of Break Away’s 8 Critical Components.  Here are the definitions for Education and Training:

Education consists of programs include issue specific educational sessions which participants attend  prior to and perhaps during their alternative break. These sessions provide participants with the historical, political, social, and cultural context of the social problems they will be working with during the break. Effective education provides faces and opinions from all perspectives on the issue, including ways that the participants’ personal life choices are connected to them,

Training ensures that participants are provided with adequate training in skills necessary to carry out tasks and projects during the trip. Ideally this training should take place prior to departure, although in some instances it may occur once participants have reached their site. Examples of training include teaching basic construction, learning how to read with children or gaining first aid skills.

Examples of projects and tasks completed by the education and training team:

  • Organizing, facilitating and evaluating Site Leader Treat
  • Implementing the site leader E&T curriculum on Sunday evenings from late September – mid March
  • Organizing and facilitating ASB Send Off in January or February prior to break
  • Supporting the development of site leader’s facilitation skills
  • Training site leaders on leading reflection.  Alternative breaks reflection occurs during the trip; participants reflect upon the experiences they are having – synthesizing the direct service, education, and community interaction components. Applying classroom learning and integrating many academic disciplines can occur. The site leaders should set aside time for reflection to take place, both individually and in a group setting.

Finance and Fundraising

The finance and fundraising team is responsible for the fiscal stewardship of the University of Michigan Alternative Spring Break while supporting site leaders and participants in their fundraising activities.  Examples of projects and tasks completed by finance and fundraising team:

  • Create and maintain the ASB budget
  • Disseminate fundraising and budget information to site leaders and participants
  • Support site leaders in planning fundraising activities
  • Plan and implement ASB wide fundraising activities
  • Work with other functional teams to disburse payments
  • Engage in reconciliation process post-break

Site Development

The site development functional team is responsible for initiating site partnerships for ASB trips and maintaining communication between ASB and the community partner organization.  Examples of projects and tasks completed by the site development team:

  • Initiate partnerships with community partners from across the country engaging in a wide variety of social issues
  • Support site leaders in communication efforts with site partners
  • Support site leaders in creating and implementing housing plan
  • Work with other functional teams to ensure effective communication about site needs and participant needs

Public Relations

The public relations team manages the “face” of ASB to participants, campus, and community.  PR is responsible for creating and maintaining a sense of community among ASB participant and notifying the campus community, community partners and other stakeholders about the work of ASB.  Examples of projects and tasks completed by the public relations team:

  • Maintain the ASB website ensuring that the information is up to date and relevant
  • Maintain  and create engagement with social media efforts (Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc.) and use these tools to create a ASB community and notify stakeholders about ASB’s work
  • Advertise ASB events (E&T events, fundraising efforts, etc.) through posters, social media, etc
  • Finding creative ways to share ASB’s narrative and experiences of individual participants from ASB

To apply for an ASB Lead Team position, click here.  Applications are due March 25, 2013.